About Us

Iron Temper exclusively stocks some of the highest quality tattoo equipment available worldwide. We are proud to foster growth among artists by providing the best tools to hone your craft and elevate your work. 

Consolidating some of the most noteworthy brands on the market, Iron Temper is proud to supply needles, inks, studio supplies and disposables from one convenient and reliable source.
Born in Sydney, Australia, and connected globally, Iron Temper Tattoo Supplies harnesses a network of professionals to bring you premium products and tailored service.

Honouring times past, yet recognising the potential that lays ahead, Iron Temper’s ethos lies in welcoming a new era of tradition.
We believe in supporting the community and encouraging new growth, while maintaining standards and exceeding expectations.

The world has seen the growth of tattooing morph into something completely phenomenal.

Nourish your potential to produce remarkable work, and create your legacy in the tattooing world.